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Spotlight products in your store with Bucker Pricer

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Highlight your products in a dynamic and striking way.

Available in North America

10 colors available

Price any product

High Quality

The Roller Pricer

Roller Pricer is an innovative pricer that allows you to highlight products in a dynamic and striking way, attracting the customer's attention and encouraging purchase; perfect for any location on your sales floor and can be used over and over again.

Eye-catching communication

Customize your Roller Pricer according to your needs: Add custom made flashers to one or both sides or a banner on top. 

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Perfect size to place in any retail space (counter-top, shelves, floorstanders, window displays, etc). It's simple to move, light, and easy to install in any place.


New and intelligent technology protects the numbers inside the device. This prevents any price tampering by anyone, making it highly safe to price high-cost items.


Magnets to close security lid.

rotating knobs to change numbers.

Security lif to cover knobs

Security strip



It can be created and displayed in any variety of colors to match your brand or even to match each individual store section. We can match the exact Pantone for your brand or a product line. 


Multiple add-ons allow for unique experiences on each Roller Price to accomplish different objectives, like attracting attention, displaying a promotion distributing traffic, etc.

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Top hangers

Side Hangers



Supermarket Aisle

The possibilities are endless


Roller pricer is a fantastic product. It really rounds up the store.

Leslie Martinez

Chief Product Officer

Fanastic for highlighting products on sale.

Benjamin Thomson

Store Owner

Great product. Easy to install, shows prices really well and the colors are really nice.

Miguel Palacios

Store Designer




  • Is the Bucker Pricer suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
    While the Bucker Pricer is made of lightweight and durable polystyrene, it is primarily designed for indoor use in retail spaces. However, if you need to use it outdoors, please ensure it is placed in a protected area to prevent damage from direct sunlight or weather exposure.
  • How does the Bucker Pricer's knob system work for changing prices?
    The knob system allows you to easily rotate the individual knobs to adjust the price numbers. Each knob corresponds to a digit, and by turning it, you can select the desired number for a seamless price update.
  • Can the Bucker Pricer be used for different currencies and formats?
    Yes, the Bucker Pricer is versatile enough to accommodate various currencies and formats. Its six slots on each side provide ample space for displaying prices in different formats, making it suitable for retail businesses worldwide
  • What colors are available for the Bucker Pricer, and can I customize it to match my brand?
    The Bucker Pricer is available in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. You can choose a color that matches your brand or even specific store sections to create a cohesive and visually appealing retail environment.
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